Randomosity in thy kingdom.

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I’m just sitting at home, browsing funny things on Reddit, Specifically, I was glancing over a post about cookie-monster cupcakes

Anyway, I’ve recently gotten back into using Meebo (an instant messenger client that blends all the major messengers into one interface)

and completely out of nowhere, a message comes up from “60073604” Reading Everyone who excels is overcompensating.

ok…… ummm….

So, I have two options. I can be a normal person who does not engage strangers in conversation, I can be a paranoid lunatic who does not engage in conversation with anyone over the internet, for fear of scams and rape, or I can take door number two, and reply and see what’s up.

Because I’m not shy about where I post what kind of information, anyone can easily obtain my screen-names, accounts, and phone number. I’m not afraid of someone talking to me, I implore people to use that information and talk to me. I’m a friendly dude, who likes talking to new people. So, I naturally took door number 2.

.. And fell down a rabbit hole. I descended into the troves of the medieval. Shakespearean tongue was dominant, and confusion was imminent. My reply was not taken with understanding, as my “um…. I can agree to that.. I guess” was met with

“uh.” “Who art thou”

“Well, you messaged me so methinks you should already have a sense of who I ..art


“You’re the one who messaged me, so should you not already know who I am?”

At this point I started to suspect that my ‘it’s just a bot’ theory still held ground, but had compromised into a real person. because now we were both confused.

“How and when did I attack ye?”

so I quoted the bit about overcompensation

“Ye said that to me -__-” Confirmed, that some random bot went around playing with accounts, and landed two people talking to each other. Or that this person was merely psychotic.

I am Sally whither art thou from? and how didst thou get my guild membership?”

psychotic. Ding! Anyway, being that I was apparently talking to a girl, Im not just going to drop convo, so I kept going

“I have no idea. I didn’t even do anything, except answer a random pop-up of my messenger”

“whither the blazes art thou from and wherefore art thou talking so funny?”

Ok. so this girl may be psychotic, but she’s well versed in her Shakespearean, as not many people actually know what ‘Wherefore art thou’ means. Most people think it’s simple. ‘Romeo, Romeo. Where are you, Romeo?’ ‘I’m right here you dumb, blonde’

When actually, she’s asking ‘Romeo, why are you YOU, Romeo?’ because if Romeo were ANYONE else but a Montague, her parents would have no problem with their teen-fling.

so, whatever. she knows what she’s saying, so I’ll try to play along.

“canst thou stop talking like that?” No. Because I’m normal..ish…moreso than you. but I’ll try.

“I’m making an attempt on thine behalf. I am however finding it difficult, I beg of you to bear with me as I adjust myself to this conversation”

And yadda-yadda. I eventually get her to tell me she’s from Washington, and I immediately pull up two google tabs. in one I put ‘Washington Guild’, and the other ‘60073604’. I find the Washington Stage Guild, and a Myspace account to a girl named Victoria from Minnesota. I have ties to Minnesota, which cements the idea that someone is playing around with me. Whether for fun or folly, I am unsure.

anyway I decided to inquire about her guild that she mentioned and she claimed to have no idea what a guild even was.

So, I said, “Then ye must be forgetful, or I mad. For my head is beset with confusion.”

she said, “Oh, hold thy tongue”

I have no idea how to respond to that. So, I’ll close this chapter of random internet encounters, until Medieval Sally from the Washington guild has anything more to say.

I sure do have weird things happen to me.


Movie Review: Predators.

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Before I saw the preview, I had heard about the premise of this movie:  “the world’s best fighters against the predators.”

My reply was, “COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL” “They’re gonna put Terminator, and Rambo, and – -” Well…. I’mma just stop right here, because let’s face it. I have the ability to take a simple concept and turn it into something well…. else.

At any rate I was not disappointed to find out I was wrong, because I already assumed I would be… again, as most of my extremity concepts tend to be.

So, no. Rambo doesn’t get to punch a predator’s head off. Moving on to the actual movie: I personally liked the opening sequence and the disorientation it brought. My friends thought it was cheesy and after they introduced the initial team of heroes, I agreed with them. I was afraid it would turn into an after-school special.

A mexican bandido, an African tribe leader, a spetsnaz soldier, a prisoner, a mercenary, a doctor, a yakuza leader and a hot girl. I’m still not sure what made her the best in her class, because literally only two of her bullets hit. Ok, she played a role as a leader of sorts, until Bear Grylls (voiced by Batman) decides that he’s the survivor, and everyone follows him.

naturally, the movie thins the races while demonstrating that the predators ant them dead. The movie surprised me on one thing. The black guy didn’t die first. what? I was surprised when one of my favorite actors (besides Christopher Walken) made an appearance. Then I was disappointed by how little air-time he got. On the subject of surprises, there are none. If you can’t call the romantic plot within the first 10 minutes, then you should consider options for yourself outside of living..  But let’s face it, people stopped expecting a real storyline out of the predator/alien franchise with the development of Predator 2: electric boogaloo.  The point of the movie is to have people fight the predators, so yeah. hash out the quickest way to introduce who these guys are, and just get to the meat of the murderizing.

One thing that is notable is the underlying theme of the movie – notable,  in that it has one (the only way to survive inhumanity, is to be inuman), while it’s been done better, it wasn’t done poorly. It adds a nice bit of depth, and they develop the idea between the characters well, before throwing the whole concept on an airship and blowing it to bits for the sake of keeping the predictability of the romantic plot alive. They throw some twists into the characters and plot, but I still am waiting for the day where someone makes it illegal to have movies change directors (exceptions being to give the last airbender to someone- nay -ANYONE else. I think even Uwe Bowl can make it suck less.)

Overall, I’d give it 7/10 because it wasn’t awful. And this makes me feel horrible that a movie can do well, on the sole basis that it doesn’t grind your soul against a brick wall. So, yeah, I say see it. Don’t expect it to win awards (unless they give awards to movies with the least fitting soundtrack), but you also won’t be smearing your face on the theater floor, hoping for a janitor to pick you up and throw you in a dumpster. I payed $4 to see it. I wouldn’t pay more, but I won’t fight for any of it back.

I’mma Bee

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Right. So, there’s no pokemon comic this week, because I’ve been working on a few other projects that have been kind of time-consuming. I’m working on what is essentially a mod formy laptop, and there will be pictures. I’ve also been researching solar energy. There will be a new site for the old webcomic (Life Bytes).  I’m working on getting that set up, and is sort of on-hold for the new computer. I’ve started getting ready for a third comic, which is an adaptation of Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. I’m currently reading it for the second time, and finishing it for the first, lol. I finally fixed my Desktop so I’ve been reliving my lives in Borderlands, Fallout3, Burnout: Paradise (At which I’m amazing), and Left 4 Dead.

Oh, here’s something else that’s exciting, I’m working on an epic comic book, which will also be posted online. It does not have a name, but is a completely original story. I only have some character concept art as far as drawings go, but I’m writing the story, and it is coming along well.

Basically, it’s a sci-fi comic (surprised? more than likely not) set in a semi-distant future ravaged by nuclear warfare, and man-made natural disasters. It doesn’t particularly follow any one character as a main protagonist, but follows a myriad of survivors who rarely meet, but whose stories intertwine, nonetheless.  I’m excited for it.

So yeah. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m getting myself pretty darn busy, but I’m still going to stick to my pokeballs and give you two chapters next Sunday.

McStene’s Platinum Hardmode ep#3

•May 23, 2010 • 1 Comment

Here’s the 3rd installment. I’m trying a myriad of new things, here. Firstly, I’ve made it more readable by using actual text, and I’m trying a new way to color it (well, not really ‘new’, but new for this comic) in an effort to save a little time. Let me know what you think -which coloring style you like better-

Also, fairly soon, I will be releasing the comic in Japanese, as well!! My friend who is majoring in Japanese offered to do translations. That being said, Enjoy!!

PREVIOUS EPISODE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –NEXT EPISODE

McStene’s Platinum HardMode Ep. 2

•May 16, 2010 • 1 Comment

Episode 2. It’s a little quick paced, but I think it does a decent job at showing how well the team is doing. We add a member and go to our first gym battle. Stay tuned, for next week the drama begins!

PREVIOUS EPISODE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –  – – – – – NEXT EPISODE

Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge. Ep.#1

•May 10, 2010 • 1 Comment

HOOORAY! It’s finally here!  I’ll cut the chit-chat and dilly-dallying, and just throw you straight into the first chapter,

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – –  – – – – – –  – – – – – –  – – –  – – –NEXT EPISODE

Breaking my Own General Rule.

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As a rule, I tend to not ever voice my opinion on anything, unless I know I have detailed die-hard facts pertaining to the subject. If you ask me for my opinion on abortion, I won’t say much, not because I’m afraid of offending someone with an opposing opinion, but simply because I have very little opinion or knowledge on the subject. I’m not a doctor, nor am I a woman (contrary to popular belief). I also don’t like to spark political debates in any environment that is not going to be strictly moderated, because there are people who are the complete opposite of myself and will voice their entire opinion 800 times over at a decibel capable of bringing down a star destroyer. What’s worse is when those people don’t have complete thoughts, or even complete sentences. Let alone not have done any research on said “facts”. I make it a point to not talk about anything until It’s a finalized solid thought. (note, this does not apply when hanging out with friends and I tell a retarded joke.) So, when big political topics pop p in conversation, I usually say nothing, but sit quietly and listen – offering a little bit of clarification on subjects I know something about.

I will never be a politician. I do not have the reserve, determination, or the ability to have an opinion on everything.

Things I know stuff about, and can offer an opinion/advice:

Copyright law, Home Theater set-up, Certain aspects of the internet, most Operating Systems/Computer Hardwares/softwares/Media Products(iPhone/pod vs. Zune – IE vs. FireFox vs. Chrome vs. Opera – Mac vs. WindowsXP,Vista,7 vs. Linux vs. GoogleChrome OS)

Things on which I will probably never have or voice an opinion:

Abortion, Immigration, Religion, Racism, NASA. Basically, any topic that is massively controversial. I know I don’t know all the aspects, and I believe that really no one does. I think the world would be better if more people would sit back and shut up a little more often, but I’m not gonna shove that idea down your throat. I’m too busy sitting back and shutting up.

Anyway, all that disclaimer stuff aside, I do have a point, and I am getting to it. Please note beforehand that I am not saying that this is my opinion, and that we should immediately switch to it, and I will not defend this idea to any extent whatsoever, you can bash it til the break of dawn you want, and I’m going to simply read it and absorb. So, I reiterate. This  is not my opinion, just an idea that I think is kind of cool/interesting, and I’d like to see this idea expand a little more.

So, in Arizona, they’ve passed a law where cops can question someone of their citizenship, in an effort to cut out illegal immigrants, and there’s the whole debate going on about “YEAH KICK THEM OUT” to “But innocent civilians will be harassed or deported” but amidst massive opinionation and trolling, someone suggested an idea that I find interesting.

This idea in question is to eliminate income tax, and therefore all the hassle it brings every year. The balancing factor in this scenario, is that we greatly increase sales tax. So, instead of paying 1.07(in Fairfield County, anyway) per non-food item, you would now pay ~1.50 per item (it might not actually be that much, or it may be more, but for the sake of demonstration, I’m using that because it seems slightly reasonable/realistic) Anyway, the idea is that since illegal immigrants cannot pay income tax, because the government can’t make someone pay taxes if that person doesn’t exist (in the paper-filled eyes of said government (if it’s not on paper, it didn’t happen)). So, now that illegal person will still not be taxed yearly, but everything they buy, still pays the bills for the country. Sure it doesn’t solve the issue that they are still coming into the country illegally, but it might make tensions slightly lower, and maybe even lower restrictions on citizenship. plus, who likes paying taxes? or filling out the paperwork and praying for a massive return (we should still be able to apply for a return, but it shouldn’t be mandatory, IMO (lookey there, I made an opinion… yay?). Anyway, this is something that could become a really cool idea, and whoever anonymous was on that thread, may have started something awesome.

Anyway, yeah. This isn’t a post about politics, and I’m certainly not going to be posting any political stuff soon, or ever. But in my quest for awesome, I can’t leave an idea that has awesomeness potential. This is just something I want to throw out into the world, so that more people who have experience in law enforcement or economics or government, can think about about it and create some real plans for it. or destroy it if it is unfit. Whatever, I just think it’s cool, because it’s so different.

Anyway, see ya for now, keep questing for awesome


p.s. There will totally be an upadate of the pokemon comic on Sunday. Be looking for it :D