About McStene

The following is what was going to be my first blog blog post, because it started as a test to see where it would go, and just kind of got tangential from there. But I felt it had a solid overtone of what my blog is, in essence, so I felt it deserved a page of its own. but then I realized that I had basically written an ‘about me’ page, so when I couldn’t find a way to objectify myself on this page, I decided to just transfer it.

But before I get to that, I suppose I can still introduce myself.

I’m McStene. I’m a College Student, and part-time employee at a dollar store. I’m enrolled as a Broadcast Engineering student, but I take classes in music as well, as I’m discovering I have talent for it. I’m not sure what it is that I want to do as ‘my dream job’ because frankly, I have too much I want to do, and have accepted the fact I will probably only do about 25% of what I want. So I drift in and out of various interests. I’m an avid pokenerd and can be seen leveling my teams approximately 64% every day. No it’s not really that much, but it’s definitely a lot.

I like writing. I write stories, and music. I’m also into art, with my primary outlet being cartooning, followed by drawing, mostly with ink. I love scratch-board, too. Painting has a deep-rooted history with me, but I’m never as satisfied with myself as I am with scratch-board and ink. I’ve also always been into photography, but I’m really only mediocre. Videography is much stronger. Music is my fastest growing outlet, however.

I’m going to create separate blogs for a few comics and novels I want to write. Any and all of my video/music work will remain on youtube; however, I’ll make entries in the blog about them.

anyway, here’s the promised section of ‘What my Blog is about’:

Well, I’m new to this site, so I’m not entirely sure if this text is going to be uploaded as a first post, or a blurb of information where I should inform readers of what my Blog is all about and what they should expect. Although, in all honesty, I don’t even have a clue what’s actually gonna go in here. That’s what’s inexplicably sweet about blogging.

In textual media (blogs, books, newspaper [unless the story is about them], or magazine) if the reader follows the rules of reading, they never know what’s coming up next. This is true to any form of story-telling, whether it be written, verbal, or visual. This is why people are fascinated with reading books, or watching TV, or listening to the radio. There’s an uncertainty in the plot that the audience wants to understand. Some try to figure out what’s going to happen next. Some try to understand what’s in the Author’s head. Some people like to re-imagine the events in their own lives, drawing conclusions of how to go through with ideas that they are faced with in their days. Some people do just the opposite, and want to go to that other plot to avoid the plot of their lives. This can either be out of fear of their own life, or simple boredom of their own life. Slaying dragons is way more exciting than slaying taxes(In this example, I mean doing them. If the example of slaying taxes is taken slightly more literally, and you in fact burn them, there could conceivably be ways that it is more fun than slaying a dragon.)

But see, in all of those examples, the plot is predetermined. Watching TV, or reading a fantasy novel, or watching cold hard boring facts on the History Channel (Which actually makes those fact much less boring), is listening to a story that already has an ending. The author or historian knows how the story ends. And they are building up to that ending event in a way that interests the audience.

But the thing that’s really neat about blogging, is that the reader still doesn’t know the outcome, but neither does the author. This makes it interesting to the author because, well, it’s their own life that they’re documenting, and what’s not to love about that?(especially if you’re a narcissist… or less extremely, just a bit vain.) And it’s cool to the reader, because they ideas presented by the author in preparation for an event are completely genuine, and can very tangibly change. If the author of a blog is a tree-hugger, and all their posts are about saving wildlife; and then one day, the author is suddenly attacked by a maple tree – I’m talking the tree stands up out of the ground and wallops the author in the face all it’s mapley-goodness. The readers can see the permanent effect on the author’s writing, if they change their stance to taking revenge against trees. If they go from a tree-hugger to a tree-kicker.

On a personal note: Kicking trees is actually not too smart an idea, and can have the side effect of NotWalkin Syndrome, more commonly known as a ‘broken foot’

Upon realizing that my word count is 500+ words, I’m kind of assuming/hoping that this is post, and not a description of what my blog is about. I do, however, hope that I can add a description tag informing people that although I do not know the content of my blog, I can assure you all that it will wildly tangential.


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