Randomosity in thy kingdom.

I’m just sitting at home, browsing funny things on Reddit, Specifically, I was glancing over a post about cookie-monster cupcakes

Anyway, I’ve recently gotten back into using Meebo (an instant messenger client that blends all the major messengers into one interface)

and completely out of nowhere, a message comes up from “60073604” Reading Everyone who excels is overcompensating.

ok…… ummm….

So, I have two options. I can be a normal person who does not engage strangers in conversation, I can be a paranoid lunatic who does not engage in conversation with anyone over the internet, for fear of scams and rape, or I can take door number two, and reply and see what’s up.

Because I’m not shy about where I post what kind of information, anyone can easily obtain my screen-names, accounts, and phone number. I’m not afraid of someone talking to me, I implore people to use that information and talk to me. I’m a friendly dude, who likes talking to new people. So, I naturally took door number 2.

.. And fell down a rabbit hole. I descended into the troves of the medieval. Shakespearean tongue was dominant, and confusion was imminent. My reply was not taken with understanding, as my “um…. I can agree to that.. I guess” was met with

“uh.” “Who art thou”

“Well, you messaged me so methinks you should already have a sense of who I ..art


“You’re the one who messaged me, so should you not already know who I am?”

At this point I started to suspect that my ‘it’s just a bot’ theory still held ground, but had compromised into a real person. because now we were both confused.

“How and when did I attack ye?”

so I quoted the bit about overcompensation

“Ye said that to me -__-” Confirmed, that some random bot went around playing with accounts, and landed two people talking to each other. Or that this person was merely psychotic.

I am Sally whither art thou from? and how didst thou get my guild membership?”

psychotic. Ding! Anyway, being that I was apparently talking to a girl, Im not just going to drop convo, so I kept going

“I have no idea. I didn’t even do anything, except answer a random pop-up of my messenger”

“whither the blazes art thou from and wherefore art thou talking so funny?”

Ok. so this girl may be psychotic, but she’s well versed in her Shakespearean, as not many people actually know what ‘Wherefore art thou’ means. Most people think it’s simple. ‘Romeo, Romeo. Where are you, Romeo?’ ‘I’m right here you dumb, blonde’

When actually, she’s asking ‘Romeo, why are you YOU, Romeo?’ because if Romeo were ANYONE else but a Montague, her parents would have no problem with their teen-fling.

so, whatever. she knows what she’s saying, so I’ll try to play along.

“canst thou stop talking like that?” No. Because I’m normal..ish…moreso than you. but I’ll try.

“I’m making an attempt on thine behalf. I am however finding it difficult, I beg of you to bear with me as I adjust myself to this conversation”

And yadda-yadda. I eventually get her to tell me she’s from Washington, and I immediately pull up two google tabs. in one I put ‘Washington Guild’, and the other ‘60073604’. I find the Washington Stage Guild, and a Myspace account to a girl named Victoria from Minnesota. I have ties to Minnesota, which cements the idea that someone is playing around with me. Whether for fun or folly, I am unsure.

anyway I decided to inquire about her guild that she mentioned and she claimed to have no idea what a guild even was.

So, I said, “Then ye must be forgetful, or I mad. For my head is beset with confusion.”

she said, “Oh, hold thy tongue”

I have no idea how to respond to that. So, I’ll close this chapter of random internet encounters, until Medieval Sally from the Washington guild has anything more to say.

I sure do have weird things happen to me.


~ by mcstene on July 22, 2010.

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