Breaking my Own General Rule.

As a rule, I tend to not ever voice my opinion on anything, unless I know I have detailed die-hard facts pertaining to the subject. If you ask me for my opinion on abortion, I won’t say much, not because I’m afraid of offending someone with an opposing opinion, but simply because I have very little opinion or knowledge on the subject. I’m not a doctor, nor am I a woman (contrary to popular belief). I also don’t like to spark political debates in any environment that is not going to be strictly moderated, because there are people who are the complete opposite of myself and will voice their entire opinion 800 times over at a decibel capable of bringing down a star destroyer. What’s worse is when those people don’t have complete thoughts, or even complete sentences. Let alone not have done any research on said “facts”. I make it a point to not talk about anything until It’s a finalized solid thought. (note, this does not apply when hanging out with friends and I tell a retarded joke.) So, when big political topics pop p in conversation, I usually say nothing, but sit quietly and listen – offering a little bit of clarification on subjects I know something about.

I will never be a politician. I do not have the reserve, determination, or the ability to have an opinion on everything.

Things I know stuff about, and can offer an opinion/advice:

Copyright law, Home Theater set-up, Certain aspects of the internet, most Operating Systems/Computer Hardwares/softwares/Media Products(iPhone/pod vs. Zune – IE vs. FireFox vs. Chrome vs. Opera – Mac vs. WindowsXP,Vista,7 vs. Linux vs. GoogleChrome OS)

Things on which I will probably never have or voice an opinion:

Abortion, Immigration, Religion, Racism, NASA. Basically, any topic that is massively controversial. I know I don’t know all the aspects, and I believe that really no one does. I think the world would be better if more people would sit back and shut up a little more often, but I’m not gonna shove that idea down your throat. I’m too busy sitting back and shutting up.

Anyway, all that disclaimer stuff aside, I do have a point, and I am getting to it. Please note beforehand that I am not saying that this is my opinion, and that we should immediately switch to it, and I will not defend this idea to any extent whatsoever, you can bash it til the break of dawn you want, and I’m going to simply read it and absorb. So, I reiterate. This  is not my opinion, just an idea that I think is kind of cool/interesting, and I’d like to see this idea expand a little more.

So, in Arizona, they’ve passed a law where cops can question someone of their citizenship, in an effort to cut out illegal immigrants, and there’s the whole debate going on about “YEAH KICK THEM OUT” to “But innocent civilians will be harassed or deported” but amidst massive opinionation and trolling, someone suggested an idea that I find interesting.

This idea in question is to eliminate income tax, and therefore all the hassle it brings every year. The balancing factor in this scenario, is that we greatly increase sales tax. So, instead of paying 1.07(in Fairfield County, anyway) per non-food item, you would now pay ~1.50 per item (it might not actually be that much, or it may be more, but for the sake of demonstration, I’m using that because it seems slightly reasonable/realistic) Anyway, the idea is that since illegal immigrants cannot pay income tax, because the government can’t make someone pay taxes if that person doesn’t exist (in the paper-filled eyes of said government (if it’s not on paper, it didn’t happen)). So, now that illegal person will still not be taxed yearly, but everything they buy, still pays the bills for the country. Sure it doesn’t solve the issue that they are still coming into the country illegally, but it might make tensions slightly lower, and maybe even lower restrictions on citizenship. plus, who likes paying taxes? or filling out the paperwork and praying for a massive return (we should still be able to apply for a return, but it shouldn’t be mandatory, IMO (lookey there, I made an opinion… yay?). Anyway, this is something that could become a really cool idea, and whoever anonymous was on that thread, may have started something awesome.

Anyway, yeah. This isn’t a post about politics, and I’m certainly not going to be posting any political stuff soon, or ever. But in my quest for awesome, I can’t leave an idea that has awesomeness potential. This is just something I want to throw out into the world, so that more people who have experience in law enforcement or economics or government, can think about about it and create some real plans for it. or destroy it if it is unfit. Whatever, I just think it’s cool, because it’s so different.

Anyway, see ya for now, keep questing for awesome


p.s. There will totally be an upadate of the pokemon comic on Sunday. Be looking for it :D


~ by mcstene on May 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Breaking my Own General Rule.”

  1. brilliant. Honestly I could see that working though, like you, I am no econ major and such. I do however have a friend who already has a degree in math and econ so I’ll ask him.

  2. “I think the world would be better if more people would sit back and shut up a little more often, but I’m not gonna shove that idea down your throat. I’m too busy sitting back and shutting up.”… just found the answer to world peace! ;)

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