Pokemon Platinum: Nuzlocke HardMode Challenge

This is the first page to my Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge comic. It’s a prologue that I also posted to my FaceBook as a sort of trailer, and to get the whole exposition out of the way, because seriously?! all that tutorial crap is nerve-rackingly annoying. As I hope I portrayed. The new ‘friendly rival’ character, I find especially aggravating, to the point where I refuse to acknowledge any amount of sense in the character. Sure, in the game, he’s a mildly level-headed guy with a bit of a patience issue, but in my eyes, he’s nothing but a rambling tard who drinks too much Monster Energy. I also have a mild disdain for the newer additions to the poke-universe. Part of the story in this comic is going to be that my character develops more of a fondness towards them.

Don’t be fooled though. This will not be a heart-touching quest filled with tear-jerking emotion. I’m gonna crack jokes. I’m gonna offend people, and I’m gonna make REALLY. BAD. JOKES. not like, people falling down the stairs at the shelter for battered women, bad. just… well, if you know me… you know, and if you’ve never met me, you’ll see them when they come.

Another thing I feel necessary to explain is that if the writing seems dry, at the moment, it is. Reading over my past few chapters, I realize that they aren’t amazing, but each new episode gets better and better. I promise. I’ll offer a money-back guarantee (yay for the internet being free!)

Anyway, the comic is inspired by http://www.nuzlocke.com/ where the first Nuzlocke run began. I do not take any credit for the idea, only for my own translation of my game’s adventure, to my pencil’s adventure across the paper.

On the site, you can view the rules, the original Nuzlocke comic, and some other fan-comics. Mine will hopefully go up on there when it’s finished. I don’t want to send anything in to him right now.

Anyway, I plan to update the comic every Sunday, and please feel free to email me, FaceBook me, and kick my butt if I miss updating (disclaimer: I say that I will update every sunday, this means you may not kick my butt until 12:01A.M. of the following Monday morning.)

First page in my Nuzlocke Challenge comic.

I’m making this it’s own separate entity from the first chapter, firstly so that I can test how the coloring scans into GimpShop (http://www.gimpshop.com/). And also to keep all the stupid tutorial crap out of the actual story.


~ by mcstene on May 2, 2010.

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