A bit of an odd day.

I told myself last night that I would wake up at noon today, so I would have time to be lazy before mowing the lawn and going to work.

I woke myself up at 11:15 thinking I was late. I’m so used to waking up at the last possible minute, that now I seem to always wake up like that. Which is fine. It’ll come in handy when the zombies come (I’m not obsessed with the zombie apocalypse, but it my most favorite theme. Furthermore, it almost seems legitimate.)

But anyway, I made a great breakfast, deferred doing laundry til tomorrow, and packed a lunch for work so I would save myself some money. I took what I made for breakfast, and made 4 burritos out of them. It was comprised of: scrambled eggs and turkey, mixed with ground beef, and all of it was put in manwhich sauce. It was like a breakfast sloppy joe.. without the buns. and the wraps were even better. I’m marking that down in my super-duper cheap and tasty cookbook for bachelors/college students.

Afterwards, I mowed, and misplaced my bluetooth headphones, which means I actually had to hear myself think. When I was done, I played a little more pokemon, and headed to work. This week has been absurdly slow at work. I’m not sure what the heck was happening. I mean, today was Friday. Friday is always crazy. It was totally dead, excepted for the retarded mall-rat kids. but, they’d be there even if the mall was made of fire. Because it’s ‘cool’ apparently. Personally, I think they’re nothing but a bunch of trolls, except for the occasional few who are decent, or cute. Speaking of cute, but in an entirely different way than before (this time I mean legitimately adorable), these two little girls were buying things like dog leashes and random toys, and pool noodles. When I went to scan the items, they screamed “We’re gonna kill zombies!!”

Best 10-year-olds ever.

I came home, and coincidentally fell upon a comic book title on the internet called ‘Crossed’. It’s ridiculous. It’s the most messed up, nay… ONE OF the most messed up things I’ve read in a while. But even through it’s insane violence, and completely twisted story-telling, it’s an amazing read. I don’t recommend it if you are even the slightest bit squeemish, but I do mostly recommend it.

Well, now I’m out of things to talk about, so I’m going to go back to leveling my poketeam for an upcoming tournament I’m almost guaranteed to lose. (Well.. I think I’ll do alright. I won’t be claiming any #1 spots, but I won’t come in last.)


~ by mcstene on April 17, 2010.

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