This is my last wordpress update

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Yeah, so since I’m poor, I decided to sign up for Google Adsense to get ads on my page, and then beg everyone to click them so google will feed me. But then WordPress was like “HEY WE DONT APPRECIATE YOU DOING THAT”

So, I set out to find other blogging opportunities, and found Blogger. Then I found out it is BY google. So, now everything is nice and integrated for me. As such, everything I’ll be doing in the future is there. Thank you wordpress for your awesomeness, but We can no longer have this relationship. It’s not you. It’s me. I’m a greedy jew.

anyway, go here from now on. K?

McStene at Blogspot.



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I feel the need to advise you.



I was asleep last night. (Some people would think, “Well, obviously.” But those people don’t know me, very well.)

Anyway, I was perfectly content with not being awake, but for some reason my brain shut off the entertainment. I sleep on my side, and ever so slowly roll about halfway onto my belly. I was laying there in the darkness, completely wide-awake. Silently. The music from my computer had somehow stupidly paused itself. Even the normally unwieldy roar from my window fan seemed dismally quiet. I was about to discover that this is my body’s reaction to danger. There was an intruder in my room. Standing right above my bed. The way I was sleeping left my back completely exposed.

I felt a little thud, land on my right shoulder blade. I went to feel at it, because it stayed and kind of writhed about. I figured it was a moth of some sort, as they are norious for slipping in between my window fan and my window edge. As I grabbed it between between my thumb and index finger, I heard a loud POP sound, and felt the critter explode in my grasp. I jolted upright and wiped my shoulder off. Then as my hand was en route to it’s normal seating position, I glanced at something sitting on my finger.

It was a leg.

A HUGE spider leg, from what I assume to be a HUGE spider. I never saw the body. But that leg was haunting.

Now, let me just say, that under normal circumstances, I don’t care one way or the other about spiders or bugs. If one is crawling on me, I generally don’t do much aside from gently brush it off. Unless it bites. Then the ho is dead. But yeah, the only time I really kill a bug is when it’s in the kitchen, or in my bedroom. And I never freak out like a classic cartoon woman. Until it surprises me in my sleep, doesn’t let me see it, explodes unexpectedly, and leaves body part the size of the Eiffel Tower to clue me in on itself.

Then I’ll freak.

Of course, after that, I couldn’t go to sleep, because I kept feeling things all over me. Like when you walk into a spiderweb and you feel it hanging on you the whole day.

So then I went to the restroom. When I came back, there was another one running along on the floor next to my bed. He was too small to possess the previous appendage, but I killed him with the AC/DC adapter to my external HardDrive, regardless. I was afraid to get back into bed. Good lord.

Pokemon Platinum: Hard-Mode Nuzlocke Challenge, Episode #4!

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It’s finally here!!
after being on delay for a while, I decided to make it larger to make up for the delay. This actually caused a delay in and of itself, as the sheer mass off this episode kept skyrocketing. Most episodes are 3-4 pages. This one shadows them all at a whopping 25. And I even cut out large portions of the rough draft to keep it fast-paced. I might release those later in flashbacks, but yeah. This could have been a 30-page project.
Anyway, this feature-length installment is sure to please.

Without Further ado, Enjoy:


Testing Grounds

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I have recently signed up with Google Adsense to try to generate a little bit of money from here. I don’t expect much, but hey. It can’t hurt. Anyway, I’m a complete noob at getting the ads set up, so I’m trying various things. Bear with me.

Everyone is Wizards.

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I’ve recently gotten into Magic: The Gathering. It’s a card game, where you have a deck of spells, and you battle each other by summoning monsters and casting other enchantments. My strategy tends to go somewhat along the lines of SUMMON ELEPHANTS WHO THEN SUMMON ELEPHANTS, and then when I have an army of elephants, LIGHTNING ALL UP IN YOUR FACE


Anyway, the idea is not that these things are just duking it out on their own, but that YOU are a wizard. I tend to imagine everyone on the internet as a wizard. They have at their disposal spells(known as URLs), that summon creatures(Websites). and these monsters can make you laugh(funny websites), cry(sad people blogs), reel back in shock(anything on 4chan), or become angry(people’s responses on Yahoo Answers). Naturally, the more URL spells you have, the better a wizard you are. My friends and I, we like to make it a point to become the most powerful internet wizards there are. We search for new spells, and strategically stack them into combos, so that when we are having a conversation(a wizard battle), our instant messenger clients have more URL links than real words.

You gain power by sending a link your opponent has never seen. Your defense is already having seen that site, or picture. Throw me a lolcat, or a motivational, or a poorly translated sign. I will win.

You can generally gauge an internet wizard’s power by their age. If your opponent is old, you can sit back and know that your whole spellbook is about to blow their minds.

If they’re young, you might have to try. You will have to accept the fact that you will see at least one new picture, but as long as you have more than them, you’ll win.

I recently wizard battled my mom.

Sometimes, I love my mom. I mean. I ALWAYS love her, but sometimes I feel it necessary to give her some sort of award. She’s the only person to whom I’m EXCITED to lose. And that just doesn’t make sense.

Advancementosity in thy kingdom

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So in my last past post with ‘kingdom in the title’ I talked about a random encounter with a Shakespearean-tongued lady with whom I’ve never spoken, before. At first I was thinking it was some random glitch that was really weird.

What’s cool, is that my initial reaction amongst the confusion was that some program had pitted the two of us together in such a way that both of us thought we were the ones being contacted. That the OTHER person had initiated contact. I thought she started the conversation, and She thought I started it.

Well. I was right. I can’t say I’m surprised.

It happened a second time. A different string of numbers, a different typeface, and a different style of writing. I think it’s cool that you can tell who you’re talking to, just by the things they type, and the way they type them. How they break their sentences between hitting the send button, spelling variances, grammar usage, even down to how they use special symbols like parentheses, *, -, ‘, “, <>, and slashes. Even just down to the actual words themselves or their mannerisms.

I know when I’m talking to Nick, because he’ll say “lolz”, and “cool cool, dude” He’ll structure his monologue, not into sentences, but trains of thought. He won’t always capitalize, or punctuate, because the thought is completed, without always encompassing standard rules of grammar.

Conversely, I know why I’m talking to Bri, because she always fits her thoughts into highly structured sentences. She ALWAYS capitalizes. She ALWAYS punctuates.

A lot of people claim that when on the internet, there is a huge lack of communication. That even though people are saying words in text, there can be hidden subtextual emotion behind them, that is impossible to read. This is mostly correct. I mean, someone can simply write “Cool.” and you don’t know if they’re being genuine or sarcastic right away.

But that’s the thing. People get frustrated at digital communication because they can’t read the subtext RIGHT AWAY. They’re used to communicating face-to-face. They can hear undertones when speaking directly to a person. That’s because it comes naturally to us as human beings as we are exposed to society. The problem is when you try to use those same sensory details in an entirely new direction of communication. The subtext is still THERE, it just can’t be heard, or felt, like a ‘normal’ conversation can be. For people who can adapt, and learn how to understand the subtext in this new form of communication, it can come as naturally to that person as a ‘normal’ conversation.

For example, If I had a face-to-face conversation with Nick, I could tell if he was agitated, or sad by his words, actions, face, body language, and even by the surrounding atmosphere. (more on personal atmoshperic interpretation, later).

When I first started talking to him, digitally, there would be no way to tell these emotions. Because I wasn’t able to hear tones, interpret body language, or gauge atmoshpere. However, after knowing him several years, and speaking to him regularly via instant messenger, I am able to tell his mood from the way he types.

Sorry, Nick, for using you as my specific example, but you’re the most relevant to the topic.

Now on to atmoshpere:

People carry an atmoshpere around them. Everyone does. And everyone is able to feel that atmoshpere. Not everyone is able to interpret it, though. It takes time to develop the ability, and some people just absolutely don’t have it at all. This leads to telling the wrong jokes at the wrong times. But some people, like my friend Bri, carry a mostly joyous atmoshpere regularly. I’ve learned to tell when something is wrong by the levels of sunshininess following her. I had a teacher, who carried a storm cloud everywhere. When he walked in a room, it got darker, and the mood of the students would immediately tense up. I don’t exactly know how it works, but it’s one of my favorite things to study about people. It’s also referred to as an aura, but I like the term atmoshpere, better.

Anyway, aside from the tangentialization, there was a point to all this hoobleblabble, and that  is the random pairing of strangers on AIM. It happened a second time, with a different person. And because I’m using Meebo, and not the actual AIM interface, I saw their name as a string of numbers. What people on the AIM interface see are names of fish. The second person I talked to had talked to someone else previously, who googled it, and discovered a blog written by another person experiencing the ‘phenomenon’.

And here I will post that article, as it’s an interesting read. Basically, there is a bot going around and collecting screen names from social networking sites, grabbing two names, throwing some random ice-breaker at them, and then going away, leaving the two recipients to be confused and accuse the other of initiating contact.

It can be seen as creepy, it can be seen as trolling, but to me, I think it’s a fun way to meet new people. You literally meet an entirely random person at a random time, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. and because the bot does NOT give out YOUR screen name to the other person, you can make the conversation as personal as you want it. To make a new friend? go for it. To just randomly converse with someone about whatever? if you’re so inclined.

Isn’t technology awesome? The work of what I’m assuming one person who got bored and made a program in about an hour is now running free, and getting people to talk to each other who would have otherwise never known about each others’ existence. And there’s really a lot of charm in anonymity in that even when people are completely anonymous to one another, there is still communication. There’s still a relationship between people who don’t even know each other.

Completely nerdy? possibly, but cool? absolutely. Whether you’re a socialite who indulges in meeting people on the street, and despising people who feel that they need to use the internet to talk to people, or whether you’re a social outcast who needs the internet to talk to people, and despise the people who go out on street to talk.

No matter what your stance, the idea is pretty nift.

Movie reviews! en masse (Inception, Despicable Me, Sorcerer’s Apprentice)

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Alright, so I saw Inception a few days ago, and I just saw the other two at my drive-in theater a few hours ago. I realized that I had forgotten to review Inception, so I’m putting it with the other two (undeservedly, however)

Do you like mazes? I do.  And while you’re reading this, I’m going to force you to like mazes, as well. So now that we share an amazeing common interest, let’s develop that. I will draw, for you, a maze. I’m going to draw it, and the walls will be made of Cinnamon Rolls. I implore you to solve it. Start at Blue, end at Red. Or I suppose you can do it vice Versa.

Cool, now that you’ve done that, and seen my little bit of sneakyside, our next venture, is to put you IN the maze. (this requires imagination. Ok, so you get settled into the maze, where the walls are made of Cinnamon Rolls. You can smell the gourmet creme overtop the fresh-baked bread, glazed with cinnamon. A glob of icing slips off the top of a wall, and lands on your shoe. You realize that you’re in a dream. A sweet confectionary dream, where diabeetus is not an enemy, where that sick feeling after eating too much candy is non-existent. The best part is that it won’t go straight to your hips. It’ll go straight to your boobs, and guys.. It’ll go straight to your girlfriend’s boobs. Did I mention you have a girlfriend? Yeah, this dream world is pretty fantastic.

But do you remember….. My SneakySide?

You now have the pleasure of noticing, that you’re not just in a Cinnamon Roll. The Cinnamon Roll is inside a box. The box is inside a car. The car is inside a plane. Lastly, the Plane is inside a Boat. A very large barge. Well, the barge hit an iceberg, which made the plane tip, causing the car to slide to the back, making the box fly into the air, and your Cinnamon Roll to get completely jumbled up. That maze up there is gone. You’re in a whole new world, and your magic carpet just caught fire. Oh, and Jasmine (your girlfriend with the boobs) is actually a lobster.

oops. Kinda forgot to mention that. Good luck to ya mate. oh. and….. this is timed. you have about a minute.

Welcome to the movie Inception. Get ready for some confusing twists, difficult to follow storylines, and a finale that will make you Scream for more Ellen Paige (or, Leonardo if you’re a lady).

In all honesty, it’s not super hard to follow. If you pay attention, and think ahead, you’ll only need to see it once to understand the plot. Some people see the confusion as a bad thing. My idea of a bad thing is having a plot explained by a ten-year-old, and then realizing he was right. Movies that make you think are good things. No one thinks anymore, and that’s troublesome. Amidst the confusion is some of the best action I’ve seen for a while, mixed with some mind-bending special effects, characters that have a level of depth to them, and an all around atmosphere of crazy. If you’re tired of always being able to predict the next step, watch this movie.

I give it a 10/10 without question.

Next up: Despicable Me!

Ok, I love Steve Carrel. I love Jason Segel. I love supervillians. I went in expecting to laugh and enjoy a movie filled with things I like. and then they went and upped the ante. If I hadn’t known that those two were starring in the movie, I wouldn’t have known by just watching it. So this a tip for anyone ducking out of seeing it because they don’t like either of those actors (which, we really shouldn’t be talking if this is the case. You still like mazes, though, right?). You’ll never notice. I really don’t have much else to say about the movie, honestly. The characters are awesome, the minions are adorable, the situations are outrageous, the humor is humorous, and the heartwarming parts warm your hearts. (You have multiple hearts for the sake of rhyming.) I rate it a solid 9/10. I’d give it a 10, but Inception is currently the only thing worthy of that number, right now.

Lastly: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I didn’t have a lot of interest in this movie. Lately, Nicolas Cage has only been a harbinger of disappointment, and anything with the words apprentice or sorcerer in the title are unable to get my engine running.I was pleasantly surprised by Nicolas Cage’s acting comeback, but I really hate Jay Baruchel (Dave). His voice aggravates me in ways I can’t possibly explain, and it would have made me hate How to Train Your Dragon, if his character didn’t have awesome lines. But I’ll try not to let that effect my judgement of the movie itself. besides, my hatred for him balances out from my appreciation of Alfred Molina (Doc Ock). Overall, the movie actually surprised me. I was expecting to fall asleep during it, but it had a good pace, and good humor. The end left something to be desired, but I’m content giving it a 7/10.